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Good news | ZheMeng software ushered in a heavy partner and Oueida international logistics cooperation


As the leader of logistics informatization, ZheMeng software has been active in this era of big data with such an image, which makes us win the favor of a number of partners in the logistics industry. Recently, ZheMeng software and a new heavyweight partner - Shenzhen Ou Yida International logistics Co., LTD. Here, warm congratulations on the cooperation between the two sides!

Customer background

Shenzhen Ouyida International Logistics Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Ouyida International Logistics) is a private enterprise established in 2016, mainly engaged in international maritime and air railway logistics. The company is specialized in the initial transportation service of Amazon FBA warehouse, which mainly focuses on airfreight. The company can safely transport the goods of e-commerce customers from China to Amazon FBA warehouses established in several countries through various transportation modes (sea, air and railway), providing customers with low-cost and time-limited services.



Customer demand status and the solution of ZheMeng software

1. Current demand: The operation data of the system need manual input, which leads to a large demand for manual work, labor and time consuming, and the results obtained are not ideal; In the daily operation process of the system, there are often some operational errors, and therefore the loss can not be implemented to the relevant person responsible.

Solution: Add a new partner for forecast data push, quickly obtain order transfer and label, automatically identify the remoteness of the receiving link, and significantly improve the operation efficiency; Clear and clear system log function, let the staff in the operation of a more careful, in the event of problems, can be specific to the relevant responsible person.


2. Current demand: Interface docking and business collaboration with the tripartite partners have always been a major obstacle to the efficiency of business operation.

Solution: Connect small packet interface with partners, push data in real time, quickly obtain orders and labels, and realize efficient business collaboration and efficiency maximization with partners.


3. Demand status: The function of system ordering is very important to the company, and the original system cannot meet the company's operational requirements for ordering; With the increase of business volume, the operation is tedious, time-consuming and inefficient.

Solution: Interface with UPS in the United States to realize pre-ordering, so as to facilitate customers to order in the system, improve operation efficiency, save time and effort, and reduce labor cost.


4. Current demand: Financial accounting is quite complicated, and it takes a lot of time to make bills and check accounts, which requires manual work. Sometimes, I worry about calculation errors, which will bring high labor costs.

Solution: The quotation is simple and clear. After the price is set, the amount will be calculated automatically, which is accurate and convenient. Optimize the logic of bill query to better meet the needs of financial management; Financial reconciliation directly returns the agent's data, batch modification, automatic calculation of receivables, saving time and labor accurate and efficient.


5. Demand status: As an enterprise manager, what he CARES most is the quantity and profit of the branch company, so as to timely know the operation status of the enterprise. Therefore, it is critical for the system to query relevant data accurately and clearly, and the lack of a specific statistical report in the system often makes the work difficult and tedious.

Solution: The biggest benefit of using the ZheMeng system is to improve the management troubles, enrich accurate data statements, so that managers and financial staff work more easily; Precise control of all operational links, directly to the responsible person, clear management efficiency doubled.


The customer evaluation

Since the use of Zhemeng software, the company's business development is convenient and fast many, the overall work coordination in place, each job can do a good plan, there are functions do not adapt to the company's business can quickly submit the needs to do a separate processing, zhemeng software service level is high, know service first, customer first.

This is not only the customers of the ZheMeng of the software affirmation, but also for everyone to the ZheMeng of the affirmation ~ so in this to thank every in the post "continuous output" of the ZheMeng of the people, you have a better tomorrow philosophy of the software!

Let's get to know the technical person in charge of Ou yidaInternational logistics.


Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Ouida International logistics for its trust and support. Committed to the logistics information data collaborative application service provider, which is our unchanged since the establishment of the positioning, we will continue to adhere to the product quality improvement and strict requirements on technical services, and strive to provide more logistics enterprises with more efficient and convenient logistics information management system!

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