I5 International Express System

Product overview

The product is mainly applicable to international express freight forwarders - based enterprises, more powerful cost settlement, flexible and configurable EDI, API, automatic tracking information acquisition,  connect FEDEX、TNT、DHL、UPS system print label directly, multi-level financial center and settlement, line of credit advance payment mechanism, upstream and downstream data collaborative management, complete international express business process, from the Receiving orders → picking up goods → sending goods → delivering goods - step by step a trajectory tracking control, the effective management of the enterprise internal operation process, so as to improve the efficiency to reduce operating costs.

In addition to a business management system for internal use by international express companies, the international express peer edition also offers online VIP customers

The management system, the development of WeChat public platform and the development of mobile phone APP support the enterprise customers to enjoy the services provided by the enterprise more conveniently and quickly, so as to improve user satisfaction and increase user stickiness.    

Application value

                                            Multi-mode compatibility meets the                                                               Flexible and configurable EDI makes                                             

                requirements of different business scenarios                                                                   data interaction smoother

                                 Connect FEDEX、TNT、DHL、UPS system print label                                               Powerful expense settlement function makes

                                     directly and efficient to simplify the complexity                                                               financial management easier

                                   Automatic information tracking collection makes                                                 Accurate information-based control of the entire

                                                the logistics track transparent                                                                           international express business


Product features

● Support international packet online operation;

● Support international express comprehensive tracking display;

● Support direct customers, agents, peer credit line advance payment management system, receiving automatic accounting costs;

● Support PDA handheld terminal, Android APP scanning, scheduling pick up, sign up, take photos, problem management and real-time comparison;

● Support multi-level financial settlement center settlement;

● Support third-party payment, such as Alipay, Fortunetink, Tonglian payment, UnionPay, and bank docking interface;

● Support DHL, UPS TNT and FEDEX in order to print invoices and labels of corresponding companies automatically;

● Support sales staff commission report and gross profit calculation of each branch;

● Support all kinds of main waybill details export, Invoice, Packing List export. 

After-sales service

                      7*24 hours service                                                       Dedicated customer service                                                        Safety monitoring

            Training throughout the process                                           The collaborative management                                                 Big data behavior analysis

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